How Aquapex Ro taken next step to make online presence

Aquapex Homepage

Client Introduction

Aquapax RO. The Leading Manufacturer of Water Purifier Systems in Gujarat.


Our team has gone through the all requirement given by client. From Home page to contact page. They want to include all packages from UI design, Logo Design, Content Marketing etc…

Work Done

We have analyse the website work and done the planning according to website requirement.


Ideally we make wordpress website. but this time client does not want site that change quite often.

We have carefully looked on the team suggestions and decided to make website in the HTML only without dynamic features.Though we have contact from is dynamic which we have done with google Service.


Since this is the static website we have used three services to run website smoothly with any situations

  • Cloudflare
  • Netlify
  • Google Gsuite services

we also provided email like [email protected] without any cost.


  • Client get total advantages of the configured service.


  • Provided the business email
  • Data center near user location
  • Worldclass Security


  • Hosted website throug this service
  • Provides automated deployment
  • Also provides second level of the caching at their own server

Google Gsuite services

  • Added appscript to work with the contact form enquiry