How Aquapex Ro taken next step to make online presence

Aquapex Homepage

Improve online presence with a new website: Aquapex RO Case Study

Client Introduction

Aquapax RO is a prominent manufacturer of water purifier systems based in Gujarat. With a commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water, Aquapax RO is a trusted name in the industry.


Our team thoroughly analyzed the requirements provided by Aquapax RO. The project scope included designing the Home page, Contact page, and integrating comprehensive services such as UI design, Logo Design, and Content Marketing.

Work Done

We meticulously planned and executed the website development to meet the client’s specific needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the work done:

Strategy and Thinking

Given the client’s preference for a static website that requires minimal updates, we opted to develop the site using HTML. This approach ensures stability and ease of maintenance. Despite being a static site, we integrated a dynamic contact form using Google Services.

Hosting Solutions

To ensure the website runs smoothly under all conditions, we utilized a combination of three robust services:

  1. Cloudflare

    • Business Email: Provided professional email services.
    • Data Centers: Located near user locations for fast loading times.
    • World-Class Security: Ensured the highest level of website security.
  2. Netlify

    • Website Hosting: Hosted the static site with Netlify.
    • Automated Deployment: Streamlined updates and deployments.
    • Advanced Caching: Provided an additional layer of caching for improved performance.
  3. Google G Suite Services

    • Dynamic Contact Form: Implemented using Google Apps Script to handle form inquiries efficiently.
    • Professional Email: Set up custom email addresses like [email protected] at no additional cost.


Aquapax RO gained several advantages from our carefully configured services:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Fast loading times and reliable performance due to strategic hosting choices.
  • Security and Reliability: Robust security measures and high uptime from Cloudflare and Netlify.
  • Efficient Communication: Seamless email services and dynamic contact form integration.


The collaboration with Aquapax RO resulted in a stable, high-performance static website that meets all their business needs without the complexity of frequent updates. By leveraging Cloudflare, Netlify, and Google G Suite Services, we ensured that Aquapax RO’s online presence is both powerful and secure.